Hi. I'm Stephanie Chamblee.

I'm a full-stack developer currently based in the greater Atlanta area. Feel free to contact me or browse some of my projects using the links below.

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | React | MongoDB | PostgresSQL | Node.js | Python



CrunchTime View project


Interactive weekly recipe menu generator. Users can search for a recipe by ingredient, plan which days they'd like to cooks and search through popular recipes and print weekly menus.

About Me

Visiting Nepal

How I Got Into Web Development

In 2013 I worked as an international volunteer for almost a year. When I returned, I began working for the organization and took an interest in the software used to plan the logistics of the trips. I learned JavaScript, SQL and HTML and realized I had a passion for building new software features and resolving bugs as well as learning new coding languages. I have been coding ever since to build apps for work and for personal enjoyment.